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Carolina Gårdheim. Photo: Anja Callius.Hi beautiful soul!

A warm welcome to you.

I help and inspire creative women with big hearts, beautiful souls & amazing dreams to start shining all of their light, so they can create magical lives and contribute to a better world.

I do this through my membership program Shine Your Light Sisterhood, my mastermind program Shine Your Light Mastermind, soul travels and events. And also through my books and other inspirational products like affirmation cards and jewelry.

Most of my work is in Sweden and in Swedish, but I do have one book (see below) and some products in English plus a Youtube channel. I have an intention of going international with my membership program and speaking further on. Stay in touch to see when!

As a Lemurian High Priestess & Shaman, I also channel in support of the transition from the Era of the Ego to the Era of the Soul (in English).

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Unleash Your Creative Spirit by Carolina GårdheimMy book Unleash Your Creative Spirit

My book Unleash Your Creative Spirit – The Guide to Building Your Dream Life was released at Balboa Press in January 2017. This book helps you tap into your Creative Spirit and through practical & inspirational exercises lovingly guides you to start living your dream life.

The back of the book reads:

It does not matter if you are new to personal development or if you are a veteran; this book could become your life’s guiding star!

In Unleash Your Creative Spirit, Carolina Gårdheim helps you in a practical, encouraging, and loving way to find and develop the two most important things you possess: your unique Self and your true expression.

This beautiful, uplifting book is filled with wisdom, inspiration, and compassion, as well as plenty of simple yet effective exercises and hands-on tips for making better use of your most powerful resource – your Creative Spirit – so that you can start living your dream life.

Simply by reading the book, your life will take a more positive direction and if you do the suggested exercises, both small and big miracles will happen.

Do you long to feel a deep sense of trust that everything in your life is unfolding as it should? Do you desire more happiness, success, creativity, and love? Then this book is for you.

You can find it at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Weshop EnglishMy webshop

Since 2003, I have been writing books and designing jewelry, affirmation cards, and other products with the intention of spreading love in the world, and encouraging personal and spiritual growth, in my company Kreativ Insikt (Creative Insight).

Some of my products: with loving reminders of what is important in life – have been translated into English, such as Morning Pep Talks, charms, the Dream Chrysalis, key rings, cards, magnets, and matchboxes. These are available in our webshop

Apps with inspirationMy inspirational apps

Would you like to get daily or weekly reminders and inspirations on shining your light and living your best life on your smartphone on days and times that suit you?

I have made several apps from my Inspiration and Affirmation cards. They are a really great way to remind yourself about what is important and to stay on course, on your way.

The first app in English is Unleash Your Creative Spirit, for iPhone. You can find it here in AppStore >

Use this app daily to remind yourself that you are in charge of your life! It will help you keep your energy at a high level and stay positive, and will give you concrete ideas on how to work with your own personal development. Let the app help you manifest the life of your dreams. Tap a random card each morning – or use the Daily Inspiration function, which will display a random card on your own schedule.

“THANK YOU for a wonderful APP It came just when I needed it most … SO beautiful and hopeful when you need support in life HUGS”

“I use the app every day. It gives me positive energy to start the day with, and it helps me keep my energy high all day through.”
Anneli Svensson

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Carolina Gårdheim. Foto: Anja Callius.My story

The fall of 1997 started at a furious pace. I was thirty years old, had graduated from Stockholm School of Economics a few years earlier and worked as a project leader and to-be-manager in a large organization in the business world.

I thought I had my dream job. On the surface, everything looked great, but it was actually far from fine.

One life changing day, that was at the end of a two month long period with many important assignments, meetings and public appearances, I was planning to get up early to take a flight to the south of Sweden to hold a workshop over the day.

However, I didn’t wake up that morning.

When I woke up the next morning I had slept for almost thirty six hours!

The telephone, shut off in my bag, was full of messages from worried colleagues.

You can understand that I was frightened. What had happened? It became a real wake up call for me.

How could I have completely misjudged my energy and how tired my body was? And how had I – quite an ambitious person, become so tired whilst working in a quite normal job?

Soon after, I crashed into the wall for real and took sick leave from my work. I had to put these questions to myself seriously.

It takes a huge amount of energy to not be your true self

Pretty soon I realized, with the help of a good therapist and a lot of work on my own, that the reason my body said STOP was that I had landed very far from who I really was, in my heart. I was and did things that were not truly ME.

I realized, among other things, that I had turned off my creativity. I saw a totally uncreative person when looking in the mirror. Everybody who saw me as a child knew this was untrue. I wrote and drawed, danced, sang, played, knitted, sewed, crocheted, embroidered made ceramics – you name it, I did it.

Something else became clear to me: I did not at all like the role of project leader, where I often was on the phone and trying to get other people to do things. Instead, I realized, with some surprise, yet also with the recognition that made my eyes tear, that I am an artist at heart. I wanted most of all to sit alone by my computer or with a note book in my hand and write and create.

I longed to contribute something beautiful to the world.

I realized also that I was not an actually the extrovert I thought I was, even thought this quality was most appreciated in my line of work. I discovered I am an introvert. I fuel up with fresh energy when I immerse myself with lots of time for solitude, here I can gain fresh insight and ideas. I love to work collaboratively and sensitively with others as well, especially when we are connecting with shared visions and intentions. But the lesson for me was that it was extremely important to get some more “me time” into my everyday life.

Many years after my ‘crash’ I also found out that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), a personality type who receives and analyzes more stimuli than most people and therefore becomes more tired from engaging a lot with others and being in noisy places. Now I really understand why I became so tired when sitting in an office with other employees!

I questioned everything and turned my world upside down

I realized that I needed to go through all the so called truths and stories that I had formed about myself and life, to check whether they were true for me today.

I threw them all up in the air and when they fell down I took each claim and asked myself:
– Is this really true for me? Is this mine? Or does it originate from someone else?

I kept the truths and stories that came from me and felt true in my heart. Everything else I threw away!

I discovered among other things that I don’t like nylons and high heels, something I wore almost every day in my work at the time; no, I am a barefoot girl! I found out that I love large jewelery and silver ~ so why had I only worn small golden jewelery for many years?

I caught sight of the fact that I had adopted a more masculine set of values and behaviours: I was all about analysis and structure, left brain, results and achievement. When I rediscovered my femininity, I started to feel whole again.

I also explored a form of spirituality from my childhood days that I had put away during years of study and career. I found the values of love and faith, which I had previously not valued much at all in reality.

It was like I had lost myself and was now trying to find different pieces of the puzzle that were me – in order to see who I really was.

When I reflect, I see that it was a very powerful process laying the ground for everything that eventuated.

In my process of becoming clear about who I was, I also became clear about what I wanted and could formulate it.

My dreams started to become true

For example, I wanted to be a solo entrepreneur working creatively with other like-minded people in a community. I wanted to wear comfortable and beautiful clothes and jewelery that expressed ME. I wanted to live beautifully and close to nature. I wanted to meet a really wonderful man and start a family, if possible.

Only a couple of months after I envisioned my dream life, I met my husband to-be, I quit my employment and started a consulting firm. One year later we lived in a beautiful attic flat that we called our love nest, another year later we were married and our first beloved son was born. We then moved to an old lovely house closer to nature and gave birth to another son. I had comfortable, nice clothes that I loved and I worked consciously to bring more creativitity into my life, even though I didn’t yet work with anything more creative than my consulting firm.

In 2003, during my second year of studying Psychosynthesis, in almost every meditation I received messages and experiences that were about creativity: that I should write and create. It was like a nine months long pregnancy, I knew something was on the way, but I didn’t know what it was. Still, I continued to listen.

Most importantly I made room for the new, the inspiration, to find me – I resigned from my consulting projects and just took time to feel what was on it’s way (yes! it was scary, since I had no income, but I felt so strong that I just had to do this …).

At the end of the year, all parts came together as I started to write about my ten reminders or commandments, that I had gathered during my insights around six years earlier. I had never before experienced such a flow! My husband looked at me, at the time a normal, tired parent of small children and exclaimed that he had found a new wife!

I felt the magic – just follow the flow!

At this time I found the match boxes with my added insights, that I had made during my sick leave attempting to keep my creativity flowing, and my idea was ready: Write books and design products that include a thought about what is important in life. I wanted to “inspire big thoughts in the everyday world”.

My business name, Kreativ Insikt (Creative Insight), came to me in a meditation: That the two large interests in my life should be combined – creativity and personal development, trough sharing my insights.

The feeling of purpose was so strong that it did not matter that I did not have any education as a writer nor a designer. I just did my best and I came from the heart. And it worked!

For the last fifteen years, I and and my beloved husband Dag have developed and run Kreativ Insikt together. We will continue doing this even as it continues to evolve.

On my way …

Now that I have listened to my soul once more, it again wants me to go beyond my comfort zone, doing new things and sharing more of myself with the world.

For a long time I fought against this feeling, as being an introvert, highly sensitive and a writer in my soul, I was previously not the one to voluntarily put my self on stage!

However, I believe that when you start to listen to that voice inside, follow that feeling of purpose, that soul calling, you just have to keep on going, because it is your path and the soul won’t let you have it any other way …

So here I am – on new adventures!

I believe

I believe in creative women as a driving force for positive change in the world.

I believe that when women live their lives from a place of heart and soul expression, letting go of demands from ourselves and others on how we should live, then more people recieve permission and inspiration to live moreheart-centered and soul-fully. I believe this will bring healing and transformation to the world.

I believe that we can co create and have more power in shaping our lives than we are actually raised to believe is possible.

I see creativity as a transpersonal quality – a channel for communicating with the soul. Through creativity, we connect with and are open to the opportunity for manifesting our dreams and visions. We also get to understand our purpose here on earth.

I believe in the power of standing up for yourself and your life, saying:
This is me, with all of my love, my passion, my talents and dreams, my will, joy and strengths, my experiences, fears and needs. And I stand up for it!

I believe that each one of us is endlessly important and that love is the answer to just about everything in life.

I believe in gratitude and love as the source of everything. I believe in joy as the guide to our dreams. I believe in fear as the portal to our power and greatness.

I believe in consciously trying to be a better human every day by; choosing love in everything; holding the energy high and positive; looking at the bright side of all that is happening. Yet when we don’t manage to do that: continuing to deeply honor and love ourselves.

No one is perfect, and yet, we all are totally perfect just as we are, living the unique life and purpose that each and everyone of us have.

I believe in you. I believe that you have the power and the love to live your best life – the life that spreads joy and beauty, both to you and the rest of us.

Thank you for being YOU and for shining your light on this world, making it brighter with your warm heart, beautiful soul and amazing dreams.

Together we make the world a little bit more magic, and much more loving.

With love & sparkles,
Carolina Gardheim
Founder of Kreativ Insikt, Author & Coach for creative women with big hearts, souls & dreams

About Carolina

Carolina Gardheim is an author, inspirer and coach with the mission of supporting creative women all around the world, helping them stand up for their big hearts, beautiful souls and amazing dreams, find their unique genius cocktail and start shining all of their light, so they can create magical lives and contribute to a better world. She also teaches women entrepreneurs to grow with heart & soul.

She is the MBA economist, who, after finding herself lying on the floor unable to move, turned her life upside-down to adapt it to her Soul, instead of trying to live up to everybody else’s demands.

She has studied psychosynthesis at HumaNova (school of psychosynthesis in Stockholm) for 2.5 years, becoming a Certified Coach in Psychosynthesis in November 2013. With this qualification she also has more than twenty years of experience in personal and spiritual development, taking many courses as well as helping and mentoring other people.

In 2003 she started her company Kreativ Insikt (Creative Insight). She writes inspirational books and designs a variety of lifestyle products, infused with the intention of spreading love in the world and encouraging personal and spiritual growth. Some of her products have been translated into English.

In addition to her popular books and products, she inspires thousands through her blog, newsletters, Facebook and Instagram. Kreativ Insikt has a web shop and approximately 800 retailers all over Sweden, and also Finland.

In 2007 she received the ”Most Colorful Woman of the Year” award by the Swedish design company Gudrun Sjöden AB.

Carolina lives in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden, together with her husband and their two sons, where she loves to write novels that never leave her desk drawers and always win at a family game of cards.

Carolina talks about how she listened to her heart and started her company

The internet phenomenon Lilou Mace – also called the “Oprah of the web” with many millions of viewers all over the world – made an interview with Carolina in Stockholm in July, 2012. You will get an inspiring mix of Carolina’s personal story, the tale of how she started her company and, most of all, some inside about what can happen when you begin to listen to your heart, and consciously start creating your own life. 

PS. The photos on the site, and on many of my products, are taken by a truly creative woman with a really big heart, extremely beautiful soul & some amazing dreams, Photographer Anja Callius >

Some love. Thank you!

Marie Sandgren“Carolina, I want to thank you for giving me the benefit of having you as a mentor and a coach. With your great wisdom and useful tools you have motivated and inspired me to take substantial steps in my growth and towards my dreams.With love and empathy you helped me to see beyond limitations, create confidence in my own ability and bring forth my resources. Simply to use more of my potential. You are a powerful role model, who really live as you teach, and you are a true Artist of Life!”
Marie Sandgren, Certified Coach & Licensed Therapist,

Nina Dahlin“I had Carolina as a mentor for a year. To contact her was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The meetings with Carolina became something that I looked forward to every month, a moment to breath and get time for myself and my thoughts. With the help of Carolina I managed to get the life puzzle with three small children and a demanding job together. She helped me find my inner peace, sort among all demands and start to prioritize myself.”
Nina Dahlin, IT Consultant

”I just want to thank you for all the beautiful things you do. I have gotten the Unleash your Creative Spirit cards, both to myself and my mother. We have them at work for inspiration and motivation. I have just started reading the book Unleash your Creative Spirit, and feel that this is exactly what I need right now. You are spreading so much warmth and love Carolina, I want to honor you for that!”
Jenny Eriksson

”Thank you for a wonderul book: Unleash your Creative Spirit!!!! I have read many books on personal development, but this is the best of them all!! Thank you!!!”

”Hi Carolina! I am sitting on my bed reading Unleash your Creative Spirit and got such a STRONG feeling that I wanted to give you 100 % honest feedback on this particual book. – It is AMAZING! All of the content is so easy to understand, despite the deep insights you are conveying. Your ‘cheering’ in the margins are wonderfully peppy, yet so worth considering, and the design and pictures are incredibly appealing and beautiful. You are a sound role model and I wish you all the best!”
Malin Lundberg

”Thank you, Carolina, for giving our world light and warmth. I have bought the book Unleash your Creative Spirit + the cd with meditations and vizualisations. I have read the book and taken so much to heart … Oh, it is so beautifully written, it feels as if it is written just for me. The cd I listen to every day after work, I choose a long or a short, by myself or together with my partner. I feel sooooo good. I can truly recommend this package.”
Maj-Lis Kristensen

”I just want to say thank you for this incredibly inspiring material. I have just bought the book, cd and inspiration cards Creative Spirit, and I must say that the book has become my bible, the cards are standing on the dining-table and have become an important part of our breakfast, and I am listening to the cd every day … I feel so good about this concept and would like to spread the message to others from my heart … A thousand thank you’s and a thousand hugs.”

”I have begun to realize that life is magic. The week before I became burned out I discovered your store in Stockholm. I later returned and found a book, that helped me so much during the first period of time. ‘Beloved friend’ (translated from Swedish), a kind of manual for burned-out. In the beginning I always kept it close and read it every day. Now I have it by my bed. This happened six months ago. I feel better now, and have had many new insights about life … and for that, I am grateful.”

“Georgeous, lovely Carolina Gardheim! Thank you for all beauty and wisdom!”
Helena Blomljus

”You are a role model and a true source of inspiration to me. I want you to know how much your products and beautiful words mean to me. I also share it with family, friends and colleagues. THANK YOU from my heart for all the beauty that you are contributing to the world.”
Lena Nilsen

“You are an Amazing ‘Broadcaster of Nourishment’, who makes as GROW.”
Carina Ståhl

“Thank you for all the good you are doing for me!!!”
Eugenia Gustafsson

”Carolina! Your newsletters are like feeling the warmth of the sun, they make you happy!”

”I have gotten so much strength and positive energy from your products, newsletters and your blog. I cannot with words describe how important all this has been for me. I would like to thank you with all of my heart for everything that you are doing. I wish you much strength, love and all that is good.”

”Hi beautiful Carolina! I am very grateful for having you in my life. Now when I work a lot with myself, I notice how much you help me. A healthy kind of guidance. I do the work myself, but I am forever grateful to have your guidance at my side when the storms show up. Thank you for being a positive force in the world.”

”Oooooh, you inspire and spread such amazing joy … I just love what you are doing. Thank you for making me rethink … Now it is my turn to wake up and welcome everything that will lead me in new directions …”

”What an amazing blog you are writing, Carolina! A wonderful inspiration for all people. You spread so much love in the world. All of you who doesn’t follow the blog – read, and get inspired! Thank you for being you! Much love!”

”Thank you, Carolina, you wonderful woman … for providing us all these wonderful reminders that we need so much. Big Hugs and lots of love to you and your near & dear ones!”

”Hi Carolina! I read your latest blog post and it went straight to my heart. You are amazing at expressing things. Thank you for being you.”