Channeling in Support of the Transformation 

Greetings, Amazing One!

Welcome to my YouTube channel AnnaCarolina, where I share transmissions in support of the transformation.

Welcome to this garden of sacredness and presence, this spring of yours, where you will be able to search for and find you own answers, your own truth, your own motivation and reason for stepping into leadership in this special time, the transition from the Era of the Ego into to the Era of the Soul.

How to use these channelings

I suggest you use this channel to give yourself a five to ten minutes pure calibration in the morning – a help to tune into your own highest energy each day.

Just close your eyes, listen and let the energy flow through you. Remember, the exact words are not as important as the energy. Open yourself up to receive whatever is coming through, trusting that it is the perfect transmission for you that day (because it will be).

Then be aware of what starts to happen in your life …

So, who am I and why am I doing this?

I call myself a spiritual midwife for conscious leaders in the Era of the Soul. I am a Lemurian High Priestess and Shaman, channel, certified coach, transformational retreat leader, author, MBA graduate, entrepreneur and artist.

I have been channeling a group of energies called Herakleon, Guardians of the Creative, Feminine Principle, for a couple of years now, always in Swedish, my native language. On a spiritual journey to Mount Shasta in June 2019 I received a mission to start channeling these short transmissions you see here, in support of the transition that we are now experiencing. The transition from the Era of the Ego to the Era of the Soul, as my guides are calling it. When starting to channel for this mission, it suddenly came out in English. I am guessing it is because this energy needs to reach even more people. So here it is.

What is this?

This is a mission of love, for the highest good for this planet, straight from my heart and the source, the love, to your heart. The important thing is not the exact words, but the energy that flows through, so that it can reach your heart. It’s this creative force that helps you find your own answers, your own truth, your own love, and start living from that place instead of from the illusion of brokenness and separation.

So please, if this feels true to you, take these little nuggets to your heart, and see what happens in your daily life when they help you to start honoring yourself and your truth, thereby honoring others, Mother Nature and the whole universe, stepping up as a conscious leader, both in your own life and in others.

A word of notice!

Don’t come here if you’re just looking for the next new, shining thing. Come here only if you are ready to go deep into your soul, to search for your own answers, your own reason for being, and your own motivation to step into leadership in this important time of transformation. I will not give you any answers, I am just channeling the energy that has the power of helping you find those answers, find your motivation to go out and start living from your soul, and in doing that, becoming a leader, inspiring others to do the same. That will make you the leader in the Era of the Soul that you came here to be.

It is happening now. And you are such an important part of it.

I am so grateful that you are here. You are so needed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With so much love,

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